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Heather Ambrecht. Eclectic Artist and Teacher

Heather Ambrecht considers herself a Georgia native, having lived in the state since she was five years old.


Growing up in rural North Georgia she had a keen interest in anything artistic. Learning cross stitch from her grandmother at the age of 5. She has been stitching ever since. Experimenting with many different mediums and styles she ranged across the artistic landscape. Covering the walls of her room and the household refrigerator with paintings and drawings and scraps of handy work. 

She discovered stained glass while in High School and took to it immediately.When she wasn’t doing her homework she was busy cutting and grinding glass for her next project. College and her career ended up keeping her busy for the next few years.

It wasn’t until she was visiting a gallery in Estes Park, CO that that spark for creativity was rekindled. Upon returning home she found a pottery class to take and begin a new adventure with clay. She began experimenting with the new medium and was hooked. Now she produces cross stitch, stained glass and pottery pieces, sometimes combining the the mediums to create her own signature style.

Drawing from entomology and botany, and with a sharp sense of color, Heather’s pieces fuse such diverse elements in a way that is sure to delight.

Custom work is always an option.

If you are interested in one on one classes for cross stitch or stained glass use the contact page to set up dates. 

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