This piece was hand woven in two sessions a week apart with a combined time of over 6 hours. It is then left to dry lightly covered in plastic for a week to control the clay shrinkage at which point it is bisque fired.  After the bisque firing it was fired in the American Raku method inspired by the ancient Japanese method of pottery processing. The basket was heated in a kiln until it reached 1800° Fahrenheit at which point it was removed from the kiln and placed into a metal container filled with paper and sealed in. The paper ignites upon contact with the glowing pottery and quickly burns the oxygen out of the atmosphere in the container. The basket is left in the container until it is 300° F and then it is doused with water until it is cool enogh to touch. At that point the basket is placed in a container with wet sand to scrub any soot off. After the soot has been removed you can see the true glory of the piece that you are left with after a raku. 

Seth's Luster Rakued Basket



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